Asibuyeni Primary School – Renovation of classroom complex

By chance, Karin met Dorise Hettlich from Germany from “Frank’s Heaven” in the winter of 23/24. Many years ago, together with her husband Frank, she built a building with three classrooms for the Asibuyeni Primary School. This building was severely damaged by a storm in 2019 and has been gutted ever since. Only the raw walls remained and the roof was completely covered. At the time, the government promised to take care of the renovation, but as is so often the case, nothing happened. At that time, Colors for Kids had built 2 new classrooms instead (see project 2020).

After Frank’s death, Dorise’s deepest wish was to rebuild the complex. Dorise was looking for someone to implement this project on site. Through contact with Karin, Dorise donated a very large sum to Colors for Kids e. V. We are now implementing Dorise’s wish and have already started renovating the building complex. Completion is expected by the end of February. A meeting with Dorise, Dorothee and Karin will take place on March 8th, which we are really looking forward to! Among other things, we will then talk about further joint projects in the future.

Thank you Karin for doing such a good job – Without you it wouldn’t have happened – I’m so much looking forward to meet you – you are very special! (Dorise Hettlich)


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Building & Result

Rainbow School – Building the next classroom

Let’s move on: As announced last year, we are building another classroom for the Rainbow School. This time in solid construction. The floor slab has already been poured. The aim is for the building to be completed in February 2024, after the school holidays. This will allow lessons to take place for 3 full school classes with around 70 children. We are currently looking for an additional teacher and have promised Rainbow School to cover the salary costs for one year. We are looking for “teacher sponsors” for the remaining years so that the children can receive high-quality lessons.

The building was erected within a few weeks: Construction began with the pouring of the foundations in September 2023 and the entire building was completed from mid-November to Christmas ’23. The interior of the classroom was completed by January 2024, and an ablution block was also finished.

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