This is an orphanage, near Empangeni, that is only maintained by donations. However, the donations are only enough for the bare necessities. Karin and Dorothee from Colours for Kids e.V. were able to see this for themselves in November 2015.

In this orphanage, 30 orphans are cared for by 10 helpers. The sanitary facilities here are also in a terrible state. In fact, the 40 residents have to share a single toilet. There are only two washing machines, the children sleep on bare mattresses and there is no blanket or pillow. The children have no toys, no balls, no jungle gym or swings. There is no hot water. The main source of water is rainwater. There is no filter. At the moment it is very dry in South Africa and there is a water shortage! Cooking is done with a small gas cooker.

With your donations, Karin and Dorothee would like to build more toilets and showers. A solar system on the roof could provide the children with hot water. A decent gas cooker is to be purchased and, of course, toys and new mattresses.

Take a look at the pictures, see how “cheerful” and friendly the children are and help us to improve their situation. Let’s brighten up the lives of these children!