Asibuyeni Primary School – Renovation of classroom complex

By chance, Karin met Dorise Hettlich from Germany from "Frank's Heaven" in the winter of 23/24. Many years ago, together with her husband Frank, she built a building with three classrooms for the Asibuyeni Primary School. This building was severely damaged by a storm in 2019 and has been gutted ever since. Only the raw [...]

Asibuyeni Primary School – Renovation of classroom complex2024-02-16T11:44:31+01:00

Rainbow School – Building the next classroom

Let's move on: As announced last year, we are building another classroom for the Rainbow School. This time in solid construction. The floor slab has already been poured. The aim is for the building to be completed in February 2024, after the school holidays. This will allow lessons to take place for 3 full school [...]

Rainbow School – Building the next classroom2024-03-08T11:10:22+01:00

Inauguration of the Rainbow School classroom

On 15 April 2023, we officially opened the new classroom at Rainbow School. The donations from Colours for Kids made it possible to build a new timber frame construction. The project was implemented quickly. Karin was on site with her husband, and brother for several days [...]

Inauguration of the Rainbow School classroom2024-03-08T11:13:52+01:00

Container for MusaweNkosi

In March 2023, 2 modified containers were set up for the MusaweNkosi orphanage. These will be used for skills training.

Container for MusaweNkosi2024-03-08T11:14:45+01:00

Rainbow School – We are building a classroom

The time has come: the construction work for the classroom of the Rainbow School in Tembe is in full swing. Karin is on site with her family and is supervising the project. After the wooden substructure was made, everything went very quickly: the battens for the wall fixings and the roof were installed. The walls [...]

Rainbow School – We are building a classroom2024-03-08T11:15:10+01:00

Cancellation of women’s shelter project – Outlook 2023

Report from Dorothee Holly, 1st Chairperson: I was in South Africa in October and unfortunately have to inform you that we will not be able to realise the "Building a women's shelter" project. The project started with major, unforeseeable problems. We needed a new construction drawing, the building site was most likely unsuitable and the existing [...]

Cancellation of women’s shelter project – Outlook 20232022-11-29T10:58:36+01:00

Summary 2021

In March 2021, we got to know the orphanage Uzwelo (which means "compassion"). We were able to donate pyjamas, slippers, toiletries and towels for 46 children. We were also able to cover the costs of painting and colouring the dormitories. Colours for Kids is sponsoring two clever and hard-working girls: Thobeka Shabangu and Thembelani Moyo. [...]

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Summary 2020

In February, I travelled to South Africa with a group of 6 people without a care in the world. We visited the MusaweNkosi orphanage, which we knew well. As both washing machines there had broken down, our fellow travellers donated a new washing machine for the orphanage. Many, many thanks for that! We also renovated [...]

Summary 20202024-03-08T11:18:12+01:00

Emergency project “Asibuyeni Primary School”

An acute emergency prompted us to realise another project at short notice: Asibuyeni Primary School currently has 230 pupils aged 5 to 13 and is located in the Ezimpisini area, very close to the famous Tembe Elephant Park. The headmaster of the school, Musa Duze, asked us for help as 5 out of 7 classrooms were [...]

Emergency project “Asibuyeni Primary School”2020-08-13T11:11:08+02:00

Corona in South Africa

Due to the nationwide lockdown since the end of March, many South Africans are currently facing existential hardship. The extreme poverty of more than half of the population has increased further as a result of the government's measures. Many people have lost their jobs, especially those who were doing day jobs. Families fear for their [...]

Corona in South Africa2024-03-08T11:22:25+01:00
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