In February, I travelled to South Africa with a group of 6 people without a care in the world. We visited the MusaweNkosi orphanage, which we knew well. As both washing machines there had broken down, our fellow travellers donated a new washing machine for the orphanage. Many, many thanks for that! We also renovated the bathrooms in the orphanage and fitted the bathroom with a new roof.

Well, and then came the lockdown! In South Africa it lasted until June! Everything came to a standstill, including the work of Colours for Kids e.V.

In May, a terrible storm destroyed 5 out of 7 classrooms at Asibuyeni Primary School. When the school’s call for help reached Karin, we decided to help the school by renovating two existing classrooms and building two new classrooms. In October, I was in South Africa for the inauguration of “our” classrooms. What a wonderful feeling. I would like to thank all the donors who read my spontaneous appeal for help in May and supported us!

Many people in South Africa have lost their jobs due to the lockdown. The day labourers were left to fend for themselves without work. Karin has repeatedly distributed food during the lockdown and continues to do so to this day.  In the overall picture, this is a so-called “drop in the ocean”, but for the individual it means a week without hunger.

Your Dorothee Holly (1st Chairwoman)