Colours for Kids supports the construction of another residential building for the orphans of MusaweNkosi

Karin van Rooyen, and I visited the MusaweNkosi orphanage in August and met with the two directors Gavin and Elaine Charlton.

Chicken coop

Current residential building

Gavin Charlton told us that a separate residential building was needed for the older children and young people. They would like to convert the unused chicken coop into a residential building. In order to keep costs as low as possible, they also want to build the building with local companies, which are much cheaper than town companies. However, the orphanage needed €16,000 for this construction.

After careful consideration, we decided to realise this project together with Gavin Charlton. This is because an additional residential building not only offers the opportunity to help more younger children, but also enables age-appropriate spatial separation between older and younger residents.

We have already been able to provide donations totalling €10,000 for this project. However, we are dependent on further donations in order to continue with the remodelling. As this project is really close to our hearts, we and especially the children of MusaweNkosi would be delighted to receive your support.