Many parents were in despair when the Mandosi kindergarten was closed due to being in a dilapidated state. On the one hand, both parents have to work in order to earn a living and, on the other, mothers in South Africa are often single parents. So who would look after the children after the lockdown?

But now the day has finally come: Mandosi Creche has reopened its doors since 22 August 2017!

Karin van Rooyen lovingly renovated the kindergarten together with craftspeople, friends and family. We were also able to call on the help of some of the older young people from the MusaweNkosi orphanage.

The mothers now take turns supervising the children, and where previously only 13 children could play, there are now 48 children romping around on the new jungle gym. They are supervised continuously from early morning until 4pm.

The new roof is done and the broken windows have been replaced. A new water tank has been installed and set on concrete. The electrical system has also been upgraded and the kindergarten now even has an alarm system. The rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and the entire kindergarten has been painted inside and out.

The team also built new shelves and cupboards, which are now filled with toys as well as eating and cooking utensils. Karin’s brother even donated his old stove, which is now used to cook hot meals for meals.

Finally, mattresses and blankets were purchased so that the children can have nap time.

Colours for Kids e. V. would like to thank Karin, her friends, and family as well as the craftsmen and helpers for the renovation of the Mandosi kindergarten and all donors, associations and organisations who have made it possible for us to improve the situation of these children in South Africa.

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to make a difference, and change something. It fills us with pride to be able to look into the beaming faces of the children and parents at the reopening. We would also like to thank them for this, and invite everyone to travel with us to South Africa and visit our projects.

Here are the pictures before the start of our project:

And here is the great result: