In April, our Chairwoman, Dorothee Holly, visited our current Colours for Kids projects. A stainless steel kitchen table and wall paint were donated to the Thuthukani Special School for Special Needs Kids.

The headmistress of the school, Marthie Combrinck, expressed her delight in a letter of thanks:

Dear Dorothee and Colour for Kids,

We are very grateful to you for the donation of this very functional stainless steel table for our kitchen at Thuthukani Special School in South Africa.  We cook for 390 disabled children every day and are struggling with the worktop and health requirements of our equipment in our current kitchen area.

As you can see from the pictures, our kitchen staff are having a lot of fun preparing food on a suitable surface that allows for easy cleaning and hygiene.

We are just waiting for the school holidays to repaint our kitchen with the paint you have so generously sponsored.

Thuthukani Special School is a school in rural Zululand, South Africa, where 390 children with mental and physical disabilities are educated.  Your sponsorship of our school truly makes a positive difference in the lives of these wonderful and special children.

We thank you!

Marthie Combrinck (Headmistress), staff and children of Thuthukani Special School