We have successfully achieved goal number 1 – emptying the toilets!

Thursday afternoon the toilets on the site were emptied.

I would never have thought that a big lorry, and a not so such a pleasant smell could make one so happy!

Together with your help and support, we have achieved our first goal!

A big thank you to all the donors who have supported us.

But let’s not rest on our laurels now, because we still need €3,000 to renovate the bathrooms, the cost of which has now risen to €13,000. Further structural difficulties have been recognised following an inspection by a plumber. For example, the roof is not stable enough for the solar water heating system and an additional structure will have to be built. The existing water pumps also need to be replaced with more powerful pumps due to the low water pressure. We therefore ask you to continue to donate diligently.

The construction work will begin in mid-June, and we very much hope that we will be able to successfully complete the project in September, and present you with photos of a great result.

Together, we have already achieved our first goal, so let’s pull together, and realise our second goal – renovating the bathroom facilities!

Every single euro helps! Thank you!