Cancellation of women’s shelter project – Outlook 2023

Report from Dorothee Holly, 1st Chairperson: I was in South Africa in October and unfortunately have to inform you that we will not be able to realise the "Building a women's shelter" project. The project started with major, unforeseeable problems. We needed a new construction drawing, the building site was most likely unsuitable and the existing [...]

Cancellation of women’s shelter project – Outlook 20232022-11-29T10:58:36+01:00

The opening of the “Sweet Little Things” kindergarten

On 10 February, the time had finally come: the "Sweet Little Things" kindergarten built by the "Colours for Kids e. V." association was officially opened. Niederelbert Chairwoman, Dorothee Holly, and South African Karin van Rooyen, who is in charge of the organisation's projects near Durban, were also on site. The 30 or so kindergarten [...]

The opening of the “Sweet Little Things” kindergarten2019-03-06T15:05:19+01:00

The construction drawing is ready

A South African architect has now produced a building plan for the new "Sweet Little Things" kindergarten. We are in the process of further planning and preparations and hope for many donations for our project in 2019!

The construction drawing is ready2018-08-14T10:16:05+02:00

Sweet Little Things – Kindergarten – Project 2019

February, we visited the "Sweet Litte Things" kindergarten in Esikhawini/Edube Village, about 15 kilometres from Richards Bay, with several members of the association. The kindergarten, which is privately run by Patricia Mkwanyane, is located in a small wooden hut in the centre of a poor residential area in Edube Village. Patricia has been working [...]

Sweet Little Things – Kindergarten – Project 20192018-03-12T10:49:05+01:00

Project successfully completed: Mandosi Creche

Many parents were in despair when the Mandosi kindergarten was closed due to being in a dilapidated state. On the one hand, both parents have to work in order to earn a living and, on the other, mothers in South Africa are often single parents. So who would look after the children after the lockdown? But [...]

Project successfully completed: Mandosi Creche2017-09-11T10:04:29+02:00

Start of the project “Mandosi Creche”

A warm "Hello" to all visitors to our website! There is news from South Africa, especially from our "Mandosi Creche " project. I was there in March. Unfortunately, the kindergarten has since been closed. Heavy rainfall and massive roof damage made it impossible to run the kindergarten. Our thirst for action is now all the more [...]

Start of the project “Mandosi Creche”2017-04-26T10:42:38+02:00

Kindergarten Mandosi Creche

Our new project is the "Mandosi Creche" in Mandlazini, near Richards Bay. This is a community kindergarten with 13 children at present. However, the community has no money to look after its upkeep or care. As a result, the kindergarten is in a catastrophic state. The asbestos roof is leaking, there is no furniture, [...]

Kindergarten Mandosi Creche2016-11-07T13:18:06+01:00
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