On 10 February, the time had finally come: the “Sweet Little Things” kindergarten built by the “Colours for Kids e. V.” association was officially opened. Niederelbert Chairwoman, Dorothee Holly, and South African Karin van Rooyen, who is in charge of the organisation’s projects near Durban, were also on site. The 30 or so kindergarten children, their parents and many neighbours from the community celebrated a colourful inauguration party with traditional food, songs and dances from this Zulu region. Many of them also wore their matching traditional Zulu clothing.

A brief look back: In February 2018, some people from the Westerwald region visited the small kindergarten with Dorothee Holly, which had not even begun to deserve its name. Up to 20 children were looked after daily by the kindergarten manager Patricia in a corrugated metal and wooden hut measuring around 15 square metres. Naps took place on the bare floor and the few pieces of play equipment in the open area were in a dangerous state.

The members of CFK quickly decided to build a new kindergarten for Patricia and the children and began collecting donations for this project in the Westerwald. Thanks to the many donations, the new building with an area of approx. 48 square metres could already be started in August 2018. In addition to the large recreation room, the building has a kitchen, toilets and a small veranda where meals are taken. A new jungle gym with a slide and swings were also installed.

The parents and children as well as the kindergarten management are overjoyed and would like to thank the many donors from Colours for Kids e. V.. The importance of this kindergarten is immense, as it ensures that many small children do not have to be left alone at home while their often single mothers work to support their small families. From now on, a regular and good early childhood education can be provided by the trained educator, Patricia, at the “Sweet Little Things” Kindergarten.

Meanwhile, Colours for Kids is already planning another new project: Senzo, an orphan, has been living in the MusaweNkosi orphanage, which is supported by Colours for Kids, since 2004. Now that he has finished school, he is urgently looking for a job. “Senzo is a very decent, tidy and hard-working young man. He has always helped with our projects with his manual skills. It’s so sad that Senzo can’t find work after finishing school and his level of education,” says Dorothee Holly, describing the situation, “his lifelong dream is to go to university and become a teacher.” But Senzo simply doesn’t have the financial means or the opportunity to live in a larger city. Colours for Kids now wants to make Senzo’s dream come true and finance his education. “I also have a dream,” explains Dorothee Holly, “my dream is that Senzo will one day teach the children from the MusaweNkosi orphanage and other children from the region in a school built by Colours for Kids. Let’s see what the future holds for us.” Anyone interested in supporting the organisation with this sponsorship can get in touch!